Cant pay due to capital controls in greece!

Due to capital controls in my country i cant pay. Would u please consider bitcoin or sth else?


Yes, absolutely! Send any amount you like to 15Ug16ZEfAhhaDMw3A6Lie616ADTL2vzUM. And let me know your username so I can upgrade you. Email

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ok. thanks a lot!  please keep that bitcoin receive address usable for 3-4 days because is weekend and i’m on a little trip away from my btc wallet.

I think that’s the same address he’s had since 2011, so it should be fine. :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s the same address. Should be good for a while.

Have you considered integrating your payment system with Coinbase, or Bitpay, and putting the option right on the payments tab?

ok. i’ve calculated the equivalent of 24$ in BTC and send the sum.