Can't get to the Saved Story view because the button isn't there

I’m using Firefox 29.0.1, and I don’t see the Saved Story view button. All I see is a gray box. Plus the style underneath the buttons doesn’t look right. I’ve already tried clearing my cache and hitting Ctrl-F5 to force it to refresh, but it didn’t help.


Ack, didn’t test it on Windows. For now you can just resize the left-hand pane.

Yes, I should have mentioned I’m using Win7 x64 :slight_smile: I can see the button now, and it works… kind of. The first time I hit the button, I see my saved stories. Then I try to click on one of the saved stories to read, and… sometimes the story shows, sometimes it doesn’t. If I hit the story view button again, it quickly flashes into story view then back to whichever view I had previously (unread, focus). When I restart the browser, I can click the saved story view button again, so it appears to work once each browser session.

FYI I had the same problem with Chrome stable 35.0.1916.114 on Linux. Resizing works, but it certainly confused me 'til I landed here.

This (see Chuck’s second comment) is annoying, making the new button completely worthless. Ack, should have tested it on Windows, too.

It is working fine for me with Firefox on Windows 7 (but I’m running 32 not 64 bit version of the OS)

Hi Bill,

so I must correct myself: “Ack, should have tested it on Windows 64bit, too” (-:
On my machine (FF 30, Win 7, 64bit) the button is useless. Please, dear Mr. Clay, fix it.

Just resize the sidebar, that’ll fix it immediately.

Sorry, but that won’t do the job, cause I didn’t find fault with the button’s appearance, but with the effect the clicking on it has, having referred on Chuck’s comment (see above). OK, I should have opened a new thread…

FYI, this problem persists. I’ve seen it in Firefox on 3 different windows computers. Fiddling with the sidebar size does help, but it would be nice to get this fixed.