Can't get sub-feed for

Here’s a webpage on with a bunch of feeds. I’m trying to subscribe to pick and choose Sub Feeds.

For example, the first one from the webpage above:
inexplicably turns into OPB - All Topics even though I took care not to autocomplete to All Topics when adding the feed, I wonder if the autocomplete thing is interfering.

I’m deaf/hard of hearing, so I like to avoid getting radio type feeds that just have audio which are pretty meaningless to me and just cluttering up my feed.

That being said, I tried finding another way around this, I was thinking a more robust way to train the feed would be nice, such as media type (audio stream in my case) of content within the post. When I looked at the OPB feed, I didn’t see a way to filter based on anything other than the title and the publisher. Apparently tags are absent from the Posts or RSS feed, or perhaps Newsblur is not retrieving them. I can’t tell. I checked just now as I remember seeing them in and can confirm that story categories and tags are still appearing there when I train stories on that site.

this is happening on opb’s end. /latest is being redirected to /all. i’m not sure what the functional difference between the two would be, though: all will show you new posts as they are created, which is latest in effect.

they also are not including tags: here’s the code for the top article as of my reading: title, link, description, pubdate, guid. no categories. (also no author.)

<title>Portland Timbers May Start Limited Practices This Week</title>
<description>&lt;p&gt;Major League Soccer took its first tentative step toward restarting its season Friday, with an announcement that teams would be allowed to hold workouts for individual players, starting this week.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</description>
<pubDate>Sun, 03 May 2020 12:30:00 +0000</pubDate>

there might still be a way newsblur could help you filter them, though: farther down the list i see an item with an enclosure tag:

<enclosure length="1500000" url="" type="audio/mp3"></enclosure>

that’s not something it can currently train on, but it IS something it can see.

…but i think your best bet would be contacting the publisher and asking them to include more info in the feed.

I contacted OPB, they said they’d forward my email to the web team. I followed up with a link to the email notification I received with this response on the Newsblur Forum. Hopefully the web team gets it and follows the link.