Can't export OPML

When I try to export my OPML I get:

It’s an error!

The error has been e-mailed and will hopefully be fixed so you won’t have to see this again.

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Sure, what’s your username? I’d love to fix this.


Any progress on this?

Umm, you don’t have any feeds. I worry that you deleted them because I took too long to answer you. Unfortunately, I’m only one man and can’t get to support every single day. I try to batch them up every couple weeks or less. I would love to help you, but I fear you left for good.

By the way, I have backups and would be happy to give you your OPML file. Just let me know.

Ok, the feeds are back in there, and you can see that OPML is not working. I used another service to structure my feeds all over again, so it’s no big deal. I’m not going anywhere, I would just end up back here anyway.

I also have a problem with this feed:…

Says it’s misbehaving but I can’t detect anything wrong outside of Newsblur. Also when I read my “Auctions & Classifieds” folder the unread count goes down and then back up (like 6, back up to 7, etc.) That results in no feeds being marked read in it.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know. It has now been fixed and deployed! I also fixed the bug that messed up that TwilightLanguage feed, so when I went to update it, it started working again. Yay!

Thanks! It is much appreciated.