Can't change URL for broken feed

I have the following feed on my account (username: amaiman):…

It’s showing a feed error, which is because the URL is wrong. I tried to change it to the correct current URL of… but it won’t save the change.

Even if I delete the feed and try to manually add the new URL, it just puts back the old broken URL. I took a look at the feed, and I don’t see any references in the feed itself to the old URL, so it looks like Newsblur is doing something incorrectly.

Could you take a look at this feed and/or add an “I know what I’m doing, add exactly the URL I typed, not what you guess you think I mean” option?

Great product, by the way, you’re the only Google Reader replacement that I’ve liked so far; just signed up for my premium account this morning.


I’m also having this problem with The H, I have the old url of… but want to change it to the url ://