Can't cancel automatic subscription renewal.


What’s your username? Once you cancel it, it’s canceled. I could probably do a better job of showing you that it’s canceled, though.

HI there - I’m having problems canceling my recurring subscription also; username is “antifuchs”, here’s what it shows me after I click:…

I should change that message. It should have cancelled just fine. Also, you’ve been a user for as long as I can remember. What compelled you to leave now?

Thanks for the clarification! I unsubscribed mostly because I had switched to a thing that I’m hosting on my own domain a few months ago; I hadn’t looked at my NewsBlur feeds in a while now… No fault of yours or NewsBlur’s, I just realized I enjoy stuff I can run myself a bit more, sometimes. Thanks for the great service though - when I get tired of running my own stuff, I’m sure I’ll resubscribe (-: