Can't add seemingly-normal WordPress RSS feed

I’m trying to add a seemingly-normal RSS feed generated by a seemingly-normal WordPress site to Newsblur… but Newsblur just throws the error “There was a problem trying to add this site. Please try a different URL.”.

The URL in question is:

Any thoughts as to what’s not working here?

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Looks like a bad SSL certificate. See

That’s strange, because the HTTPS URL loads fine in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. And it’s a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, so that checks out fine.

I’m guessing maybe the web server is using a weird TLS cipher? Maybe a super modern config that’s supported by newish browswers but not by whatever HTTP library Newsblur is using internally to pull the RSS feed?

The server is sending it’s certificate, but not the chain.  (And there isn’t anything modern about it’s config).  See

Most web browsers will try very hard to work around server mis-configurations and find the missing certificates online, even when they probably shouldn’t.

Set your server to use fullchain.pem instead of cert.pem, and it should work.  (You should probably fix the other issues in the report too, see for a decent config)

Regrettably, it is not MY server, so I can’t make any changes. But I can send them an email asking them to fix it.