Cannot remove phantom tag for saved stories


I have a weird problem with removing tag for saved stories.

I had a folder called ‘Programming’ and a saved story there. But when I unsaved it, the tag still persists and I cannot remove it. I’ve tried to save new one into same folder and remove all saved from settings, but doesn’t seem to work.


The problem persist in all browsers, but seems to appear and disappear in iOS app randomly.

If nothing helps, is it possible to reset an account completely? And if I remove account, will I keep paid version if I register again? I do have a backup of my subs.


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Same, I just got started here, and accidentally saved a story, then removed it… tag is still there. Also, even if it was a legit tag, I’d want a way to hide it and/or hide the number… I hate “count badges”, I have an irrational need to clear them.

Well this was an easy fix. I changed it so that unsaving stories now forces a full recount, which fixes this issue.


Perfect, thank you!