Cannot hide or skip recommendations


I do not want to see the currently recommended site on my front page, but there is no way to hide or skip it.
As a workaround, I removed that section altogether with AdBlock for now, but wanted to give you a heads-up.

And as an aside - there’s no way the currently recommended site is based on my subscriptions, and promoting political movements this way is not the best idea in general.

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You might take a look at the discussion we had 9 months ago on this topic …

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How is Adafruit political?

Feminism is a political movement (and a rather controversial one - Duluth model, Duke/UVa false rape cases, DongleGate/PronounGate in tech, harassing Matt Taylor, #killallmen etc etc etc, there are hundreds of examples).

  • ‘Ada’ has long been a marker for a feminist in tech (eg;
  • her ‘About’ page clearly exploits gender theme: “35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing The Tech Industry”, “Woman Digital Thinkers”, “Most Influential Women”, “13 Women to watch”;
  • and neon-colored hair has long become a telltale sign of a manhater.

Maybe Fried herself does not hate men - I don’t know, and at this point I’m not going to spend any more time to find out.

Don’t want to see that on my front page, that’s for sure.

Adafruit predates the Ada initiative by half a decade, and AFAIK in unrelated.

Just because a company was founded by a woman, and named after the founder of that field, doesn’t mean it’s automatically a feminist company.

If you think it does then it says more about you than Adafruit.

I didn’t say that AI and AF are directly related: they’re the two examples (that might well be independent) of the same line of thought.

> If you think it does then it says more about you

What it does say about me is that I don’t like hearing ‘men are dumb, men are rapists, #killallmen’, which I heard a few too many times from feminists who looked much like Fried, and used the same vocabulary and references.

You got to ad hominem in just two answers, and just plain ignored all my other points. How do you think this reflects on your cause?

Once we get to ad hominems, there’s no discussion to be had. This is my last answer to you in this thread.

As I said on that other thread … " No site will be sufficiently anodyne that your recommendation will not irritate someone."  Then again, some folk’s radar for irritation is more finely tuned than others.

@Dosh - I am guessing we wont see on the front page any time soon.

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