canceled premium

I believe I canceled my premium account, and received a notification on the site (unfortunately can’t find relevant email, if one was sent) that my premium account would expire when my year was up, but I was still charged for renewal on 3/24/15. I do still appear to have a premium account but I do not wish to - is there any way I could receive a refund? Thanks very much!


Sure, just reply to your receipt and I’ll get you fixed up.

The only receipt e-mail I received was from PayPal, so I’m not sure what to do. My username is MARY_BETH, if that helps.


hi, just wanted to check in on this since I haven’t heard anything in a few days. Thanks!

hi Samuel, Hoping to get some help with this, since I don’t have a receipt from NewsBlur directly. Thanks!

Just received the refund notification - thank you!

Sorry about the wait! I used your account as a guinea pig for making the refund process more reliable. Your account had an issue with the username, so I’m wondering if you changed your username at some point. But I fixed it up and now you should be refunded. I also canceled your subscription.

Oh, and as a thank you for letting me test your account, you’ll notice some extra payment notifications. Your premium is good until the year 2036.