Cancel share is not working

I have clicked on cancel share several times to unshare the story but it is not working.

I have tried to cancel it from the menu in my feed list and in my blurBlog. But it did’t work in either case.

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Wait, what? What’s the cancel share button? I’m either having a brain fart or you’re discovering code that I never intended to launch.

If a story is already shared

Right click on in. Click on “Shared”

Then click on cancel share

It won’t have any affect.

Now from your reply, I understand, cancel share is for making the share dialog box go away and not removing the shared item. But the idea I got from the text “cancel share” on an already shared item was: it will cancel the ‘share’ or remove the ‘share’.

1- How about having a way to remove the shared item?
2- If an item is already shared, the “share” button in the share box (see image#3) would change to “update comment”. Because that’s what it is actually doing - updating the comment. The item has already been shared.
3- “Cancel share” can be renamed to just “cancel”

I am pretty share cancel share would be confusing for everyone. Even you said:

What’s the cancel share button?

Yeah, I’ll just rename it to “Cancel”. But it does work as intended. A real unshare is coming, although it’s not at the top of my list for obvious reasons. If you’re wondering, today’s goal is editing replies. And that’s already a big goal, since I’m expecting to announce big news today and that’s going to take quite a bit of my time.

Sounds good to me!