Can ́t import from google reader

Just made a premium account and tried to import feeds from google reader. It asks for permission starts to processing but then I get a message saying 0 sites.


The site is still heavily loaded and has been since the Google Reader announcement. Suggest you check out for updates as Samuel works on things. You can also try using the redesign demo at which shares the same backend.

I found it works better when you use Google Takeout instead. Then use the load OPML option and import the subscription.xml file you got from google

Just signed up and tried to import from Google two or three times from the setup wizard. All failed. Then I was fooling around with the site and added a couple feeds manually. I was just exploring and contemplating the easiest way to get an OPML. About 20 minutes into my play … boom … all 104 of my feeds from Google just magically appeared.

I don’t know if I should be pleased or frightened by that. Apparently, something I did spawned some kind of daemon that was busily importing my feeds and giving zero feedback, until they all showed up suddenly.