Can I switch focus to the story window via a hotkey?

Can I switch focus to the story window via a hotkey? I use the down button on switch through stories in the list box, but when I find a story I want to fully read in the story tab, it would be nice if there was a way to use to a hotkey to switch the focus to that window and then have the down key instantly work as a downward scroll. Now I have to lift my hand from the keyboard, click the mouse in to the story window, then start scrolling with the down key.


Unfortunately, that’s a limit of your browser. The Story iframe is on another domain, so I can’t touch it. That includes offering it .focus().

There is a way around this. It involves building a per-browser extension that acts as a conduit between NewsBlur and Original/Story sites. Thinking about making it, since it would effectively blur the line between NewsBlur and third-party sites, but it would leave an enormous security hole where an offending site could force the conduit to report on what it saw on a site like your bank/email. The attack vector is limited by having to get the user to subscribe to a malicious site in the first place, so that may be enough to write and launch this extension.

Thanks. I’m not a security expert, so I can’t comment on that part. But if there was a reasonably safe way to do this I think I would participate.