Can I set refresh interval to manual?

I have several large feeds (like hacker news for instance).

When I visit newsblur, I want to read whatever is there and be done with it. However the busy feeds keep refreshing and showing new items.

I’d like to refresh only when the whole page is reloaded


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Oddly, this feature has come up since the beginning 4.5 years ago. Not sure why you would want to pause a feed. The way I implemented a solution for this use case is to allow you to train a feed to be thumbs down the the entire publisher, effectively hiding the feed until you want to see it some time later without unsubscribing. Doesn’t hit your use case exactly, but I’m not sure I want the overhead of allowing feeds to be manual or not.

Remember, you may not be the only subscriber to a feed, so I’m probably going to fetch it anyways.

Hey Samuel,

I’m not asking for a per-feed pause, but a pause for *all* feeds as a whole.

The reason for this feature is so that I can I can then consider all feeds finished and not be distracted by an unending trickle of new items coming in faster than I can read them!