can I hide burblog?

Is there a way to get rid of the “all burblog stories” bar? I have *NO* interest in social RSS, so it just gets in the way and is difficult for my big fingers when I’m using newsblur on my ipad.


That’s how NewsBlur’s designed. If you particularly don’t like it, write a custom stylesheet and add it to your browser’s override.

Also, there’s an iPad app out in just a couple weeks. I can’t even believe anybody found NewsBlur on an iPad useful up until now.

It may be how it’s designed now, and it may be what you and/or your other customers prefer, but it’s not how it was designed when I started using Newsblur. If I *particularly* don’t like design changes you make, my first impulse will be to review the alternatives out there rather than to write my own code.

I just use a browser.

You can also run NewsBlur on your own server, which would allow you to essentially lock-in NewsBlur at a point in time. I’m not sure if that’s feasible for you, but it’s certainly an option: