Can I delete all feeds at once?

I let my NewsBlur account lag a bit until the recent unpleasantness, and while I can mark everything as read, I’d like to be able to completely change my feed-set to the current set of feeds I used in Google Reader. Rather than going through one by one to delete old feeds I don’t read any more, is there any way to delete all the feeds at once before re-importing the OPML?

Unfortunately, my feeds aren’t all in a folder, or else I’d just delete that to wipe the slate clean.

Thanks for the help!

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Re-importing your OPML wipes out your old feeds.


Cool, thanks!

Argh - this did not work for me. I was trying to delete a ton of feeds (I am migrating from Google Reader) and could not delete multiple feeds at once, so I edited my OPML file from GR and cut out all the ones I didn’t want, reorganized into a couple of folders, and reimported. But it did not delete anything! All my old stuff is still there - and now there’s an even bigger mess. This is a frustrating time waster.

Okay - I figured out another way. Under the list of feeds there is a gear icon. Click that. In there there’s a “delete all my feeds” link which did the trick. Yahoo!

I can’t find “delete all my feeds” option any more :frowning:

You certianly can now. Go to Manage > Account > Empty. It will even email you a copy of your OPML just in case you change your mind.