Buzzfeed & junkee, sites that adjust feed based on geolocation

I want to get the Australian news feeds from Junkee and BuzzFeed. Both sites seem to adjust what you get shown when visiting from a browser depending on cookies and geolocation of your connection. I can’t seem to find a way to get the same feeds in to newsblur.

Junkee when adding it just gives me which is a generic feed, not what I’m used to browsing on their homepage and completely missing in any Australian content that I can find.

Buzzfeed gives me 5 options only for rss feeds when I enter buzzfeed’s URL. But if I browse Buzzfeed’s website I find there’s apparently a If I enter this in to newsfeed, I get nothing. No stories.

Any assistance in getting the feeds I’m used to seeing in a web browser, to come through to newsblur would be greatly appreciated.

Looks good to me:

Note the Sydney story.