Button for "first unread story"

Being a mouse-pusher, when Newsblur starts by showing the dashbord, I miss a button ,say, “first unread”, maybe near “everything” (which I don’t want to click for the time it takes to fetch hundreds of stories). Of course, I could easily click on one of the unread stories, or press the “n” on the keyboard, but for aesthetic reasons… (-;

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On the dashboard? Feels a bit messy, no? Not sure where it would go.

I’m re-organizing the dashboard in the social branch, although not significantly different enough to warrant waiting and seeing if that helps, since there will continue to not be any logical place for a button like this.

Now, on the other hand, if I designed a new dashboard module that had highlighted stories or something specific to the stories in your feed, then that would be a natural place for a button like that. When I work on the speed branch, which should be one of the next branches post-social, I’ll think hard about adding a dashboard module that includes this button.

Oh no, surely not on the dashboard, bah, how ugly (-; Never meant that, of course - I said “near everything” (= in the title pane). My “problem” is: Newsblur’s loading, showing the title pane on the left and the dashboard on the right, starting to fetch the stories one after another (i. e. avoiding clicking on “everything”) needs an equivalent to the keyboard-shortcut “n” (so to say, there is no button for which “n” is a shortcut, as long no story has been fetched and the dashboard’s still on the screen!).