BUG: in Ipad version, app crashes when choosing Mail option

when I choose to Mail a story then the app crashes. I then need to open the story in Safari and mail it from there. I noticed a previous mention of this problem in your forum but the solution that was suggested was to upgrade to the latest version of iOS. This is not the case in this current situation cuz the iPad is running the most recent version of iOS. Thx and best regards,


This should be fixed as soon as Apple releases the update i submitted a week ago. It’s taking them longer than usual.

And it has now been released. Please let me know if this works now.

Yes and no. After tapping the “cogwheel” shaped button at the top right and choosing “send to” it didn’t work for me. No crash - just nothing happened. After tapping the icon to the right of the cogwheel and opening a new screen at the original story page, then choosing “Mail” it did work.

This has been submitted (again) to Apple and should be fixed by next week. Thanks for reporting it.