Browser not keeping me logged in

I recently cleared my cache on Safari (v. 15.5, running on Monterey 12.4), and now NewsBlur is no longer keeping me logged in. I’m not having this issue with any other websites or with the NewsBlur iOS app, so I’m wondering if there’s a checkbox I need to find and recheck (or uncheck).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did this resolve itself? Because I have no idea. My only instinct would be to go into Safari’s Developer Console and remove all cookies for the domain.

It hasn’t resolved itself, and clearing the cache via the Develop menu didn’t help. Oh well. The good news is that I mostly use the iOS app. The other good news is that this doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue {shrug}

Thanks for looking, Samuel!

Do you have any browser extensions installed? Those are the culprit 99% of the time. Try disabling all of them and seeing if you can login again.