Broken feed: CyclingTips

Hi, long-time happy Newsblur user here. For some reason, one of my favourite feeds has stopped updating: From Vine to Vink, WorldTour claims another digital watt monster …and more: Daily News.

This feed stopped updating in Newsblur a few months ago, so I switched to a Feedburner version of the feed which was working fine for a while. Now that has stopped working too. The site continues to post new articles daily, but the last one Newsblur picked up was from a couple of weeks ago.

I have tried deleting and re-adding the feeds, both the direct one and the Feedburner one. Are you able to see what the issue is, and what we can do to fix it?


that’s coming back 403 forbidden. you should contact them about not blocking newsblur.

Looks like another Cloudflare, they probably need to turn off one of the bot-fight-mode things for the feed, since the feed is designed to be crawled by bots.


Thank you both, I contacted the site and they fixed something behind the scenes, so now it’s working! They said something about Apple using the wrong RSS link, not quite sure what they were referring to.

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