Border House Feed has Spam Title/Post Titles

For a couple of weeks now it seems that The Border House blog for me has been shown with a title involving some sort of prescription drug trafficking thing, and every post title seems the same thing. At least when I check the site and feeds by hand those bits of spam don’t show up.

FeedBurner URL I’m subscribed to:…

I tried the feed reparse button, but it just kicks back a 304, which is great normally, but I want it to force the update this time.

Hopefully this is just some sort of transient issue that will resolve itself, but in case there is any interesting research you might want to try, please do.


What probably happened is that the original blog was hacked and the ads were injected. NewsBlur archives them, even after they are cleaned out of the original. It should no longer happen, but those old ads are sticking around until new stories push them down.

It’s like a publisher deleting stories. They stick around in NewsBlur.

That’s exactly what I thought was going on. It still might be nice to have a “No Really, I Want to Completely Force Update” button for a feed, even if it has to take a straw poll and needs multiple votes to do a full refresh.

That would allow for the deletion of stories, which just isn’t something that’s going to happen automatically.