Bookmarklet to share from external site?

I know that social/sharing is still in the dev stage, but is there a bookmarklet that would let me share from an external site without having to have subscribed to it in NewsBlur?

I almost never share items as I mark them as read. Typically, I scroll through a couple dozen items at a time and open in a new tab the ones that I want to come back to and read more in depth. At that point, it is a huge pain to search through the items that are already marked as read in order to share them. I’d be much happier if I could just click on a button and add a comment to the people I’m sharing with.


Considering how often this comes up – earlier:… – I’m going to be strongly incentivized to get this out the door sooner rather than later.

Sorry about the double-post. I apparently failed to see the previous thread about it. Thanks!

No worries. There are two other posts elsewhere about this same feature request. I had this idea before, but considering how adamant everybody is about it, I finally realized this is something Google Reader had been doing. (Believe it or not, I never used Google Reader for more than 5 minutes here and there.)

Yes please! I’ve been trying to get 100% moved over to to newsblur from reader, but the lack of ability to share a completely random-ass article that you are not subscribed to has made me a sad panda. I hope this comes soon!

Glad to hear it, this would be a huge selling point for my hold-out friends! :slight_smile: