Bookmark (and remove bookmark) with one click

Bookmarking a post (and then removing the bookmark later) is something I tend to do quite often. It would be nice if it were possible with one single click.


You can use the ‘s’ keyboard shortcut for starring/unstarring. Does that help?

I actually switched this behavior 10-12 months ago, when I removed the ability to star and train stories directly from the story titles pane. It turned out that individual story titles were becoming too messy. If other folks agree that they would like to be able to train and star stories directly from the story titles pane, I may reconsider. But it’ll be a lot of icons.

Yes, the ‘s’ key makes me happy!

Training sounded like a great feature when I saw it, but I have not been using it much because it does integrated well with my normal post-reading workflow.

I do agree that the UI must not get cluttered. Maybe stuff like this could be hidden behind a menu? I have no concrete idea here…