BlurBlog Unsharing?

I use NewsBlur as a feed reader, and I don’t really use the BlurBlog feature. I shared 2 stories on there 5 1/2 years ago, and I’d like to delete those off of my BlurBlog, but I can’t find a way. Obviously finding the stories in my feed after all this time isn’t really feasible, so how would I unshare a couple of stories? I’ve looked all through the preferences, but I can’t find anything.

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Followup: I went to “ALL SITE STORIES”, and did a search for the title of one of the two stories, and it came up. It wasn’t listed as Shared, but I shared it, then unshared, and it’s gone from my BlurBlog. Interestingly, the top of the page on my BlurBlog still says “2 stories”, but there’s only one on the page. I tried a shift-refresh, but it still says 2.

The other story doesn’t show up in a search through all stories or the specific feed. How would I unshare that story?

You should be following yourself and should see your blurblog at the top of your feed list. I assume you don’t see that? That will show all of your shared stories and allow you to unshare them.

I just looked up your account and set you to follow yourself. Do you see your blurblog now at the top of the feed list under “All Shared Stories” (you might have to expand it).

I don’t see “All Shared Stories” at all in NewsBlur. I see “All Site Stories” at the top, and “Read Stories”, and “Saved Stories” at the bottom of my feeds list.

I haven’t heard back from you. I don’t see “All Shared Stories”. Where would that be?

It’s in the top left of the feed list.

Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see it anywhere in my feed list.

Ohh! It’s being hidden. Go to Manage > Preferences > Special Folders

Okay, now I see “Global Shared Stories”, which is everyone’s shared stories, “Infrequent Site Stories”, but still no “All Shared Stories” with my shared stories.

Still not seeing All Shared Stories in my list. I’m seing “Global” and “Infrequent”, but no shared.

did you perhaps use some custom css or an element hiding plugin to hide it from yourself some years ago?

No, but I appreciate the suggestion!

Ok, found the story and unshared it. Let me know how that works.

Perfect. Thank you so much!


When you get a chance, could you do the same for my account (bwaldron). I have forever had 1 Shared Story appearing in my header that is a “ghost” I cannot access (my shared stories displays as empty).

Here’s how I did it. Share another story, then go to the top left Activities menu, click on the shared story and you should see both of your stories there, where they can be successfully unshared.

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Nope, tried this but it didn’t work for me. Only the new shared story appeared (even when showing all stories), and I unshared it with no problem. Still have the one shared “ghost” story appearing in the header.

No big deal, have lived with it for years now. Just offends my sensibilities slightly (a touch of latent OCD, perhaps). :grinning:

Bill, I checked your account and couldn’t find the shared story. Where are you seeing it and can you post a screenshot?

Nevermind, I found it in a cached count. Fixed!