bloomberg view: bad link in story mode exits NewsBlur

I read Bloomberg View ( in story mode.  It always has some bad links, e.g.…
When NB hits this link, it blows up and goes all the way to


I think a 404 page is the correct behavior, as the link no longer exists. But why does it exit NewsBlur? I tested it and the 404 page stays in the Story view.

If for some reason they have an iframe buster on the 404 page but not on any other pages (since you’re using the Story view, I assume the rest of the site works), then there’s not much I can do beyond what NewsBlur is already doing. That is, employing an iframe buster buster. But it only works 95% of the time. Some requests still come in too fast for the buster buster to bust the iframe buster.

I recommend reading it in Text view. That’s the content from Story view but without the Story view formatting. Then hit ‘shift+enter’ or 'command+enter" to temporarily enter Story view for the few stories you do want to read that way. Pressing ‘n’ or ‘down’ will send you back to the Text view.