Blogs With Titles That Are Not Permalinks

For reasons I don’t quite understand, a growing number of blogs provide poor usability by changing the way their titles work. Sometimes their titles are a permalink while other times they link to another site. Examples include and MacSparky. Daring Fireball started this trend except that Daring Fireball works correctly in NewsBlur. The others don’t. There is no way to load the permalink in Safari from NewsBlur except to copy and paste the URL from NewsBlur’s quasi-Safari browser. Also, you cannot save the permalink in NewsBlur. Trying to persuade these bloggers to treat all their titles the same for usability won’t work. Ditto for asking John Gruber for his secret. Is there anything NewsBlur can do regarding these blogs? Yes this is an edge case but I suspect most NewsBlur users are geeks.

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When I come across these sites, I just open the in-app browser and then tap on the title there.

Which part of the RSS does Newsblur get the permalink from? I asked a related question here, and I’m still unclear on which tag(s) should be present to play nice with NewsBlur.

Yes, that enables you to read their article and access the article to which they link, but you still can’t save their article in NewsBlur, only the article to which they link. Just to be clear, my criticism is directed at these blogs for inconsistent usability, not at NewsBlur.

def get_permalink(self, entry):
link = entry.get(‘link’)
if not link:
links = entry.get(‘links’)
if links:
link = links[0].get(‘href’)
if not link:
link = entry.get(‘id’)
return link

So for this feed:…
It does have a LINK element near the top of the CHANNEL element, is that not correct, or is NewsBlur not seeing it?