Blogs that use "pre" tag rendered unreadably

I read programming blogs which frequently show code snippets inside

 tags, where linebreaks and spacing should be preserved (and they were in that g----e product). Unfortunately, in newsblur the code is all run together, making the code snippets unreadable in "feed" and "text" views. Here is an example (with reader on the left and newsblur on the right): 

 This misbehavior is seemingly identical on www and dev.

I found that by installing stylish and applying the following site style, my experience in newsblur is improved:

@-moz-document domain("") {   
pre { white-space: pre-wrap !important }   
} ``` other browsers besides firefox may have their own ways to override site styles.

What’s the NewsBlur URL of this feed so I can test it?

The example above is originally from though I read it through a subscription to

I was seeing this problem on… yesterday, but I’m not seeing it today using

The problem appears to have been fixed by the following commit in git:…

thanks wombleton, whoever you are. (though I may keep my white-space: pre-wrap hack as it improves pre blocks with very long lines)

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Yup, I merged the pull request. Glad it worked!

I’m seeing the same issue here today, for this post:…

Screenshot in Newsblur:

Screenshot on the blog:

I am still encountering this, on Raymond Chen’s blog. Noticed it in this post:…

If you spot this, please give me the story title and the site url.

Try this blog, it still seems to exhibit the problem on every post with large code blocks:

I think this is the Newsblur site URL you want:…

I’m seeing the issue on this story: “plist, pickle, hdf5, protocol buffers… : les formats binaires” –…
The newsblur URL of the feed is…

I have an example that I believe is related. In the case of this story the code blocks are displayed correctly in the “text” display mode but they run onto a single line in the “feed” mode.

The story title is “Using Java’s JDBC-ODBC bridge from Clojure”

The site’s NewsBlur URL is…

The original URL is…

Let me know if you need any additional info.

Full disclosure: I’m the author of the post in question.

i’m still seeing this for the daily wtf when they use the pre tag.…

story: CodeSOD: A Careless Merge

Bump - I’m still seeing this. Today I saw it for this feed… and this post…

Yep, still seeing this. I think it’s mainly the fault of whatever you’re using to do syntax highlighting (also, the syntax highlighting seems to fail in lots of cases, so why even apply it at all?)……


On newsblur:

Looks like it only happens on stories that see content changes. The code pulls in fine the first time, but when it gets rewritten to include diffs, all of the formatting is lost. I’m working on a fix now, but it may not take.

Hooray! I’ve got some terrific news. Not only has this bug been squashed but I also fixed the bug where links would compress the space around them if any word in the containing paragraph was changed. Same bug, in fact.

This should propagate out over the next few hours. Unfortunately it won’t fix existing blog posts unless they have another change. But it should no longer happen to new posts.

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Thanks Samuel! I’ll let you know if I see it again.

I’m still seeing this, or something like it. For instance, this page is rendered with the code blocks all on a single line:…