Blocking access to NewsBlur by IP

Dear Developer!
Your system automatically blocks my access to the site by IP.
I can’t find the reason for blocking on my PC. Please help me to understand the current situation.
There are two PCs and several smartphones on my home network.
I can connect to newsblur from the first PC and any smartphone. But as soon as I try to connect from the second PC, access to the site is blocked throughout the network for a while. There are no viruses on the second PC. During the connection, unnecessary programs are disabled. I am not committing any illegal actions.
I don’t understand what could be the reason for blocking.
Help please.

What’s your IP?

IP dynamic
At the moment

Your IP should be fine. I have no idea why you can’t access newsblur but if you can give me a better idea of the error I can try to figure it out, but honestly it’s likely your ISP.

I talked to the provider, he claims that there is no blocking.
And especially since everything works without problems from other devices on the network until you try to connect from a PC

What data do you need to figure out the problem?

This has happened before
And last time you said that some strange traffic was coming from me

sending ICMP ECHO request to…
PING ( 56 (84) bytes of data.
84 bytes from icmp_req=1, ttl=55, time=142.94 ms.
84 bytes from icmp_req=2, ttl=55, time=142.37 ms.
84 bytes from icmp_req=3, ttl=55, time=142.17 ms.
84 bytes from icmp_req=4, ttl=55, time=142.25 ms.
84 bytes from icmp_req=5, ttl=55, time=141.74 ms.
-— ping statistics —-
5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss,
0 duplicate(s), time 4143.85 ms.
Round-trip min/avg/max = 141.74/142.29/142.94 ms.

Your address is always pinged. But the browser gives an error “The remote computer does not respond to connections via port 443” and “Err_connection_timed_out”

I assume that my PC creates some kind of suspicious traffic, as a result of which your system bans me by IP. Since the blocking is only from one PC, and everything is normal from other devices, it follows that the ISP does not block.
This situation was already in May 2022. I was creating a corresponding topic on this forum. After you answered me, the problem went away. I thought you fixed something then. But now it has happened again. I have no one else to help me.

Your IP address is in Russia and NewsBlur is a site outside of Russia.

As you may know, Russia has implemented internet censorship, and you are trying to connect to a news site in the United States. From Russia’s point of view, that is suspicious traffic, and they block your connection.

NewsBlur is innocent and Russia is the party to blame.

Can you read???
I clearly wrote that there is no way to connect from only one PC! From a smartphone, from any other PC, it connects without problems.

Does it matter which PC goes first? If access only from VICTIM-PC causes the problem, perhaps there’s some onboard security software (or malware) which is triggering addition to a blocklist at some level.

If it’s always VICTIM-PC, you might get best mileage from troubleshooting (or even completely rebuilding that).

If it’s any PC order (just more than 1), and you don’t (think you) have any interesting SSL interception software installed, could be something to do with the router, but if Newsblur isn’t blocking the IP explicitly, there’s a fairly large range of possible issues available between source PC and target server.

Maybe try checking something like this when there’s a problem:
IP Address Blacklist Check, IP DNSBL Check | IPVoid

Yes, the blocking happens from the victim’s PC.
If I don’t use the victim’s PC, then access from other devices is no problem.
I think I need to reinstall windows and see what happens.

Reinstalled windows, did not help

Here is a topic in which I had the same problems six months ago. Err_connection_timed_out .
Then you did something and everything worked.

Why won’t you help me?

Reinstalled Windows
Changed the IP.
Connected directly without a router
Nothing helps. After a minute, access is blocked. This is important, it is blocked not immediately, but after a while, each time in a different way. From a few seconds to about a minute.

From everything I’ve read here and if it works for a minute and then disappears, it sounds like a country-level firewall.

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Then why can I access the site from my smartphone without any problems??
Why did I visit the site yesterday on another PC in the same city without any problems??