Blackberry Support

Any plans on adding Newblur support for Blackberry without sideloading? I believe you could just upload the APK to the Blackberry Store and it would work fine.

I can’t view the Newsblur website in my Blackberry Z10 browser either as it gets bogged down and won’t respond to me marking stories as read or even allow me to move between stories… so mobile version?


What’s wrong with side loading? That’s what the few Blackberry users have done and it works fine.

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I’m unsure of WSulow but I have a blackberry and my business restricts what I can install and not install. Side loading would be something that is not allowed yet approved apps on the BB Store are allowed.

gNewsReader is a native BB10 RSS app with Newsblur support. It also works with Feedly.…

It’s missing the social features of Newsblur but for reading on the go it works fine,

I’ve been waiting for NewsBlur to be released on BlackBerry since PlayBook OS 2.0 in Feb 2012. It’ll never happen. Best bet is to download Snap ( which give you access to the Google Play Store on your BlackBerry. Once you side-load Snap you can download any Android app plus any updates straight from your phone. It works great. That’s how I use NewsBlur on my Z10.

If you don’t want to Sideload anything there’s always gNewsReader. It a native RSS app that supports NewsBlur and/or Feedly.

Nothing wrong with side loading. It’s how I use Newsblur on my Z10 and it works great.

BB10 only has one good RSS app, gNewsReader. It’s ok, but if BB10 had a real kickass RSS app like NewsBlur that’d be awesome!