Billed twice in one year

I have been annually billed for Newsblur every May for $24. I paid in May 2021. Why am I being billed today, 12/1/2021, for $36. Please can you refund me or cancel today’s billing. Thankyou.

I’m not NewsBlur… But was this additional charge via PayPal? If so, I believe you need to cancel the subscription from PayPal.

HI Dave,

Thanks for your suggestion but it was from my Visa account. I don’t have a Paypal account.

Regards, Jeff

Sure thing, I’ve canceled your subscription and refunded your most recent payment. Your account should now be all set. Thank you for being such a long-time subscriber!

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This is Jeff again. Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that my wife used to have an account at Newsblur,

If we logon with my e-mail address jeffbeechg-at-gmail-dot-com we get assigned my wife’s userid of susanbeechg. That one you can delete.

The one I need to keep is where I logon as jeffbeechg (no at-gmail-dot-com after the jeffbeechg) and get assigned userid of jeffbeechg.

We had problems with this mishmash of email/userid a few years ago. Seems like we never solved it.