beta iOS app crash

I can reliably crash the new beta iOS app as follows…

Choose a feed with lots of unread items and allow newsblur to download them.
Enable airplane mode so you’re offline.
Open that feed in newsblur, go to the first item and keep swiping right to left to work through them.
After 7.5 swipes it freezes mid swipe.
I press the home button, then click on the newsblur app. The app starts from the newsblur startup icon screen but then crashes before making it into the app proper.
On second clicking of the newsblur app it runs fine. 9 stories from that feed are considered read.

I’ve not found anywhere I can tell you the version number I have installed, but I installed it this morning.

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Same happens in the recently published newsblur 3.0 app which I downloaded from the App store. Has this meanwhile been fixed in the beta app?

So I’m sorry to say that this wasn’t caught soon enough. I just fixed it, but I fixed it in the iOS 7 only release and it won’t be back ported for the last iOS 6 release. I’m planning to release the iOS 7 version in the next couple weeks (hoping, as it’s my highest priority), but if you’re stuck on iOS 6, you’re going to be out of luck.