backup/export saved stories

Doing my weekly online data backups, while exporting my feeds via OPML, I realize I’d *really* like to backup the URLs of my saved items.

A simple CSV or even flat text file would suffice, though something json/RSS/Atom structured would work just fine, of course.


If you like json, you can get it (a page at a time) from the API:……

etc., and there are per-tag RSS feeds that you can find by right-clicking the tags.

An RSS feed of *all* saved stories would be the most useful to me, though I don’t believe this exists yet.

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Hrm, I wonder why this doesn’t work:

jsled@phoenix [~/tmp/nb]$ curl --cookie-jar cookies -d username=jsled -d password=secret   
{"code": 1, "authenticated": true, "errors": null, "result": "ok"}   
jsled@phoenix [~/tmp/nb]$ curl --cookie-jar cookies\_stories   
{"authenticated": false, "stories": [], "result": "ok", "feeds": {}, "message": null, "user\_profiles": []}   

I think you need to use --cookie rather than --cookie-jar in the second one?

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