Back button only accessible at top of article

On my iPhone, when I select a feed, and then select an article that has longer content (multiple pages worth), when I scroll down, the title bar (with the back button, open in safari, options) disappears to show more content. That’s fine. But then I can’t get that bar to display again unless I scroll all the way to top of the article.

I kind of remember this behaving differently in prior versions – where you if you started to scroll up, the title bar reappears (like twitter’s feed scroll behavior), letting you return to the article listing within the folder or feed.

Is this a bug or the intended behavior?

Your question prompted me to answer one of my own… there’s an option in the Newsblur settings under “Reading Stories” called “Full screen” - disable this and the behaviour you describe is prevented.

Link to my previous question is below, just for interest’s sake.

Thanks! That helps. Sorry I missed your previous post – I would have added to it.