Axios feed displays 404 for all stories on desktop site

Axios returns a 404 error on every story I try to open from the desktop / browser app, when I try to view it in story mode (see screenshot below).

I don’t get this error on the Android app (probably because I’m not viewing it in story mode on Android). All stories load fine for me from Android.

I thought this might be because of the “imperfect proxy due to http over https” error, so I looked into that error.

According to this blog post, nothing at all should be loading on the feed.

The Axios website loads completely – it just displays a 404 error.

I’m using Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 on Windows 10 Pro. I’ve never had this problem before – either in this browser or in any version of Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Looks like they are explicitly showing that 404 because the url doesn’t match. I suggest using the Text view for Axios.

If I open the Newsblur client in my browser, right-click on the story that gives me the 404, and copy/paste the URL into another tab, the story loads fine.

I was reading Axios stories in story mode in my browser yesterday without issue.

Is there some other debugging I can do to fix the problem?