Automatically go to next site after marking all as read?

I spent some time using Feedly, but there were too many things that I didn’t like about it. The one thing I did like was the way that, when I marked all as read, it automatically dropped to the next site. Is that possible now? If not, can it be?

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Yeah, I do kind of like that idea. Anybody else? I was planning on building a better spacebar key where it would scroll a story, take you to the next unread story, and skip between sites.

What I was talking about was, whenever you press shift-A to mark all as read, it would automatically drop to the next feed in the list. As NewsBlur does it now, after shift-A, it sits on the same feed, but it’s empty (because you just marked everything as read).

Congrats, I made this a new feature and made it the default. Exposed a new preference to turn it off for those who don’t want it.

Happy to entertain more ideas.


Wow, that’s awesome! I love it, it’s really *fast*.

There go my brief “empty feed” windows to break away from Newsblur and be more productive…

Very cool feature, thanks!

Great! I’ve been to lazy to ask for this feature for month…

This is awesome - thanks Samuel!

Any chance of it jumping to next unread? As otherwise you’re just looking at a blank folder/feed if there’s nothing unread.


Yea, it will definitely be better to go to next, but not empty next… :-/

The current way it functions actually makes sense to me. If you are using the ‘All’ view, the function should go to the next feed (regardless if it has unread items). When you use the ‘Unread’ view, it automatically goes to the next unread item / feed.

Not questioning your opinion (to each his own of course), I’m just curious what about it that you hate, you didn’t say.

I like to be able to mark the whole feed as read while still looking at a story in it.

I was in the same boat. I even went through the preferences and couldn’t find it. Finally went here to post an issue on it, but found this thread first, and eventually found the setting.

Making the default different wouldn’t have been as big a deal (to me) if something had been said aside from in a support thread. It took me a while to dig through to figure this out.

I’m still determining if I like the feature or not, but kudos for allowing the users to decide if they want to enable or disable it!

It’s listed as a “New Feature” on the dashboard and highlighted in yellow the first time you see it.

I actually really hate this feature, but im glad at least to see that it can be turned off.

Changing the default behavior maybe shouldnt be done so lightly?