Auto-Selecting Old Story from Freed

When I try to read a feed it continually automatically scrolls down to an old article I have already read days ago. I will be in the middle of reading the first article in the feed and newsblur will refresh and auto-scroll me down to an article from days ago. I tried unsubscribing and resubscibing but same issue. This happens on my work computer and on my home computer. This is realy upsetting me because I paid for the premium membership and I expect this to work.

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For instance… If I select my Fangraphs feed, instead of displaying “Prospect Stock Watch” the new feed, it will automatically jump down to “Velocity Decline Trends” which is 12 stories old and something I have already marked as read. This is happening in multiple feeds.

I have tried this on numerous computers and numerous browsers. Please assist me with this issue or refund me my premium membership.

You probably have the preference set to “Open the first story”.

Also, what’s the NewsBlur URL of the site when you click on it?

I do not have Open the First Story selected. This is not just happening on the following URL, it has been happening on numerous one but this one most frequently.…

I changed my settings to “Show a Single Story At a Time” now that I know there are preferences and now I do not have a problem, but I would like to be able to scrolls through my blogs. I would prefer not to have this setting on.