Auto-renewal not working? Grace period?

My account sez

“Thank you! You have a premium account.
Your premium account will expire on:
» Friday, March 14, 2014”

Now, that was 3 days ago and I am still on premium, which I am happy for and I do intend on keeping my account Premium since I love Newsblur and I use it a lot.

I think what is happening is that last year, I paid with a different paypal account than I have right now so the auto-renew just silently failed? But I did not get any email or notification about that. And maybe the system has some sort of grace period for that?

I guess I can just make a payment manually but since this may be a bug I thought I would raise it here first.

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Sam appears to prefer handling billing issues over email. Send him a username or registered email address:

Will do. Thanks.