Auto billed and later got email that my subscription has run out

I received an email from Paypal at 6:14 am March 13th, 2016 that my premium account had auto-renewed… okay no problems, this has occurred for the last couple of years.

However at 11:47 pm March 13th, 2016 I receive an email from NewsBlur itself that my premium account is set to expire and I’ve been given a 1 month grace period to have a chance to renew. 

So what is going on? My Paypal account shows the transaction completed but my NewsBlur payments tab lists my premium account paid through March 13th, 2016 not 2017 like it should.

Please help me straighten this out, Samuel.

Thank you.

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What likely happened is that you changed your username or email. Paypal doesn’t have as nice of an integration as Stripe. What’s your username? Altrnatively, you can email