Assign a View for each Feed

Hey everyone. I bought newsblur few weeks ago and now my feed list is almost complete. What I like the most about newsblur is you can able to view articles within newsblur, coming from flipboard mobile, I don’t like that page opens in a new tab (Flipboard web opens almost every article in a new tab which is frustrating). As all newsblur user know, feed view doesnt work for every feed and some can be viewed in story or original mode. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can able to assign a preferred view for each feed so while surfing in the grid view and if we see an article it will open with our preferred view so we can able to see the whole article without adjusting the view or going to the website to see the story? 



You cna temporarily open any story in Text view or Story view. Use shift+enter or command+enter. Hit ‘?’ to see all keyboard shortcuts. This might be what you’re looking for.

Otherwise, each feeds retains it’s own story layout preference, which ony just launched a month ago.