.ashx feed doesn't work

I’m out of wine. Why am I out of wine? Shit, my wine.woot.com rss feed isn’t working! That’s why I’m out of wine!

I just tried to add it again, no dice: http://wine.woot.com/Blog/Feed.ashx – reloaded, nope, nothing.

Looks like a valid feed to me, despite the funny file extension.

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Grr, those Woot feeds do this quite often. I have Shirts + the Original feed in my broken feeds list, and they often die. The fix is easy: just go to the Fix Broken Feed dialog (which you can get to by clicking on the broken feed, or right-click on it and going to Site Settings) and click the third option: Fetch feed from Website. That’ll reset it, but somehow Woot is explicitly 302’ing to the broken URL.

I’m looking into ways to figure out what on earth is happening with this site.

Oh. I had completely forgotten about the broken feeds/fix feed feature. You should make broken feeds more visible. I had left it only showing feeds with unread messages for months.