Articles for won't show.

All I get is an empty feed and “OH NO! THERE WAS AN ERROR!”

This happens in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

The feed itself seems to work fine in Safari and Google Reader.


Exact same error as:… and…. I really need to get to the bottom of this one.

OK, all fixed. Please let me know if this fixes the issue for you. The solution was to temporarily switch my JSON encoder on the backup from cjson to simplejson. Unfortuantely, cjson is 10-200x faster than simplejson, but we’re talking such tiny millisecond numbers, that it’s not worth it.

Yes, all stories show up now. Thank you!

Is there a bug with python-cjson that I can work on?

Sure is. Try this:

>>> data = u’\U00020089’
>>> data[0], data[1]
(u’\ud840’, u’\udc89’)

>>> import cjson
>>> cjson.encode(data)

>>> import simplejson
>>> simplejson.dumps(data)

Note how the cjson (wrong) gives an 8-digit unicode character, while the simplejson (correct) gives two chained 4-digit characters.