Articles are loaded while scrolling

Hi, I’m using the Newsblur App on Android 8.1.0. When I read articles on All Stories I normally scroll through the newest articles. At some point I reach the end of the previously fetched newest articles and see old articles with e.g. a timestamp from yesterday. As soon as I scroll over them it reloads new articles with a newer timestamp but only a few. After I have scrolled through them the same issue appears again and again. How can I avoid that?

Best regards

Sounds like you’re scrolling/reading through more quickly than new stories can be fetched, so eventually you run out of the ones just received and into older ones that haven’t yet been cleaned up. We’re still working on full Android 8 compatibility (the new Android system likes to restrict how often we can do things like cleanups), but in the meantime, enabling “Download Stories” in the app preferences will let the app pre-fetch stories before you start reading, which should smooth out the experience.