Article in "All Shared Stories" just won't go away

The following article shows up in “All Shared Stories” every time I load NewsBlur. It’s already marked as read - in the list of stories at the bottom of the reading pane, it’s not bold - but it just won’t go away.…


What’s your username? I’d love to take a look.


It occurs on both regular and dev, and now the Blogess article about BIG METAL CHICKENS has joined it. I don’t mind that one so much because it’s a v. funny article.

Prodding this back up to the top because it’s still happening. I have permanent Big Metal Chickens and Margaret Atwood.

Now I have a bunch more in there, from TechCrunch and Anil Dash. It seems like every day 1 or 2 more stories become “permanent” and, even though they’re marked as read, just stay in “All Shared Stories.”

I tried marking them as unread and reading through them again, slowly, but they’re still there.

(username: subbes)

Additionally, when I try to mark some of these stories as read, it says “failed to mark as read.”

This is making the “All Shared Stories” view irritating to read. I dont want to have to give up on it, though, so I hope you can fix it.

(username: subbes)

The list of stories that won’t go away just keeps growing and growing.

This is really frustrating and I would appreciate an update, even if just a confirmation that you’re aware of my issue.

If I unfollow the people who shared the offending stories (the stories have been shared by multiple people), the stories go away. But after I re-follow, the stories come right back.

I managed to get every item but 1 to go away, by “Training” using the exact article title. However, I can’t access the Intelligence Trainer for this Margaret Atwood piece - I can select it but no modal/overlay appears.

Please! Say something!

This happens to me as well (Username Ferret) I get stacks of articles that appear when I’m at zero unread articles. Currently, it’s a stack of articles from LifeHacker.

You can see the behavior here:

As you can see, Lifehacker should only have one unread article, but he articles visible in the news river have been showing up unread every time I get down to zero for the last two days.

Giant Metal Chickens have gone away, but now I have this happy little guy staying in my “All Shared Items” list even though the item’s marked as read.

See screenshot attached, though I don’t know if it helps.

Happening to me. Username “nebkor”. Sticky stories:… (shared by samuel)… (shared by samuel)… (shared by drspam)

These articles are not saved. They’re not even marked as unread (they show up as read). But they don’t go away. And the Unread count for shared items is wrong (it says 3, should be 2). Screenshot attached.