Article feed image not displayed

Good morning, I want to put my trust in this service, I have activated the premium profile.
I have noticed that on some sites the images (previews) at the side of the article are not displayed, it only happens with some feed sites I follow. Why?

Do you have screenshots and urls of sites that this is happening to? NewsBlur does a pretty determined job of extracting image urls from stories, attempting to find them in both the feed and on the original site.

Example: // // // The Proton Blog - News from the front lines of privacy and security // and others.

a few screenshoot

Also, if you try to paste the links I posted, you will see that they do not work.

Out of curiosity, I tried on other feed sites and the images show up correctly. Only newsblur does not show the previews of some sites.

Looking at that site, it looks as expected. Stories with images in them have previews and others don’t. The other site I tried had no images in the feed, so nothing was extracted.

Absolutely not, the article has the picture: Developers Call for Boycott Amidst Backlash - FSElite

In addition, the other sites do not work a single image, other examples:

How come on other feed software the images are seen and on newsblur they are not? There is a problem with the encoding or with newsblur’s retrieval of the image.

@samuelclay any news?

@samuelclay please, reply.

@samuelclay A year later it still does not work. Why is that? on other RSS (feedly and inoreade) sites the images are pulled out, on newsblur they are not. PS I donated for the second consecutive year.

@samuelclay please

I took another look and the site works as expected. Every story I loaded worked fine in Text mode.

@samuelclay the problem occurs in feed mode. I try on inoreader and feedly and work. I tried the same mode on feedly and inoreader and the little preview works. Only here it doesn’t work. There are quite a few sites where you don’t see the thumbnail preview of the article image.