Ars Technica feed no longer working

As of April 15th I no longer receive updates to the main Ars Technica feed I have not changed anything, and I verified the feed itself is updated.

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Anyone else with the problem? I’ve also emailed directly with no response. As a paid subscriber to NewsBlur this lack of response is disappointing.

It looks like Ars stopped updating that feed. I can’t imagine why.
I’m using this feed:
which is still working. I think my feed covers the whole site, not just news, like your feed appears to.

According to the stats, 13,000 Newsblur users are using my feed, so it’s pretty popular.

keep in mind Samuel is taking a trip, so he’s even busier than normal. And I’m with Michael- I use /index, not /news. And /news hasn’t updated since April 15, so it isn’t Newsblur.

Thank you, that does indeed work. I thought I had grabbed the newest version of it… Very odds.

Thanks so much for posting that link, Michael! I had the same issue; the feed link you posted is working for me.

Hm. Something is still going wrong with the Ars Technica feed. I can only see about 10 stories, and then Newsblur stops with the blue color-pulsing border at the bottom of the story list, and eventually at the bottom it says “NEWSBLUR TIMED OUT TRYING TO CONNECT. JUST RETRY.” Retrying (reloading the Newsblur browser page) just does the same thing again. It never seems to save the ones I’ve marked as read, so I see the same 10 stories over and over. Deleting and re-adding the feed produces the same result. Not sure what else to try. My other feeds seem to be working fine.

If I click the story title link, it redirects to a link that starts with … and that times out and never loads either. I’ve also noticed that some of the pictures don’t load in the story view (you get the “broken image” placeholder).