Are Offline Stories used as a cache while my phone is online?

With the iOS app, is the Offline Stories functionality used as a cache while my phone is online, to prevent it from having to download stories and images already in the offline storage or is the offline stories feature only ever used while the phone and app are literally offline with no internet access?

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I think I have found the answer myself. It makes no apparent difference whether Offline Stories are present or not when the phone is online, it still uses the same large amount of data to use the app. I have to put my phone in airport mode to prevent it from using data.
Is there some way to force the newsblur app into an offline mode so that it doesn’t access the network at all, unless I specifically click on an article link that opens the browser?

It’s used as a cache while waiting on the network request. So it’s a bit of both worlds. You can obviously choose to turn it off (or turn it down to 1,000 stories). But when you’re connected, the app will attempt to download the refreshest data possible. But if it hits a snag and has to wait, it’ll show you the stale cache first.