Are my expectations realistic?

I just signed up using the ipad app and things started out okay. I imported my Google Reader account and was able to browse those feeds. I then tried to delete one of the feeds and ran out of luck. After confirming that I want to delete the feed, the app sits there and does nothing. I then went to the website on my laptop and logged in using the id/pw that I set up on my ipad. All I get there is a page that prompts me to subscribe to the premium account and some info about being in line. That page never auto refreshes and I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for a while now. If I manually refresh, then the line count slowly ticks down (I think it’s gone down two in the last 15 minutes, but still has almost 450 to go). Something must be wrong here. I can’t imagine this is how it is intended to work.

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