app on iOS 9 and iPad 2

Will you be issuing an update for iOS 9? The app keeps crashing on me since I’ve upgraded. (For crash read: the app goes away and I’m taken back to my iPad home screen.)


Samuel, Based on another thread it looks like you have an update in beta. Any idea when it will be released? I am getting booted out of the app 3 to 4 times a session since upgrading to iOS 9 on my iPad 2.

Let me know if the beta works better for you. It’s going to be another week just bug fixing and beta testing, then a week of app review.

What’s the trick to installing software outside the app store? If I go to the Newsblur iOS download page in Safari and tap on the Newsblur icon nothing happens. If I press and hold it I get three choices: Open in “App Store”, Save Image, and Copy. What should I be doing?

First you need to remove the regular app from the AppStore if you haven’t done so. After that, visit the site again and click the button, this will prompt you asking if you want to install the app, confirm and it will download. Before you can open the app however you need to go to settings -> general -> profile and trust the NewsBlur, Inc. profile.

Keep in mind that when the updated app comes out on the AppStore you will probably have to uninstall the beta version to be able to install the final version from the AppStore.

I have not seen this crash occurring, and I use Newsblur a *lot* on iPad. What I have seen is occasional flakiness around extensions not pulling anything through, resulting in a blank share sheet, but it’s unpredictable and hard to reproduce, so I’m not even sure whether the issue is with Newsblur or with the extensions.

I’ve made major fixes to share extensions in ios 9 in beta 3, which I hope to release either today or tomorrow. If they don’t work after beta 3, it’s the extensions and not NewsBlur.

Samuel, when will we be seeing iOS beta 3? The iOS download page is still showing beta 2.

My enterprise certificate was revoked, so I’m cleaning up beta 3 and will publish a blog post soon with how to get on an email list for TestFlight. Should be soon, just fixing issues like the ones you brought up here. Swiping should be *much* smoother, but unfortunately there’s a race condition that I’m still trying to track down wherein the story gets the wrong story title. It’s an odd bug.

Thank you! Saw the blog, clicked the link and done.

The latest beta from TestFlight is very stable. No crashes. Thanks!

I’m only experiencing one strange behavior. I read each blog bottom to top, tapping on the oldest unread post in the left-hand summary pane. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes the first story does not appear in the right-hand reading pane. It is blank. If I move up the list and read the other stories, and then come back down to the first one it is generally there.