App crashes in Android

I’ve installed the app on my Samsung Tablet (Galaxy Tab S7) and I get the login screen, however as soon as finish putting in my user name and password, hit login, I sometimes get the logging on loading screen, however the app always immediately crashes and goes back to the login.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.

Update, just tried to install on my Pixel 3 and the same thing happens.

@NicT There is a new beta release on Play Store. Could you take a look to see if that solves your issue with login?

Uninstalled then joined the beta and reinstalled.

It’s now asking for a custom server. I put in and it tried to login, flashed up that it logged on and then immediately went back to the name/password screen. :frowning:

@NicT Thanks for your reply.
I’ve tested beta v11.1 and so far I couldn’t replicate the issue. Could you maybe help posting a picture of the occurrence?
After or during the switch back to the login screen, does it flash any error message at the bottom of the screen?